Are your ready to stop the cycle of poor financial decision making? Are you ready to change your mindset about finances? Are you ready to fill your tool belt with tools to help you make better financial decisions? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about money? If so, welcome to My Finances Matter! 


My Finances Matter's mission is to create an environment where teens and young adults can learn financial related concepts and ideas in order to make sound financial decisions for their future. My Finances Matter was developed to provide our children with a platform to discuss money and actively participate in deciding how they would like to use their money to create their desired lifestyle. We offer courses on a myriad of topics designed to empower our youth by providing them with a solid financial education.  


Our Services

My Finances Matter provides live group and web courses for young adults to learn about money, the value of money and how money affects our daily lives.  Our children are encouraged to gain knowledge and learn how to apply that knowledge to their daily decisions, both monetary and non-monetary. 


Why Financial Literacy?

In today's society, Americans are taking on more and more debt. Default rates are steadily on the rise! According to the Center for Microeconomic Data's Household Debt and Credit Report for second quarter of 2017, household debt rose to $12.84 trillion dollars. Of that, approximately 4.8% of debt was in some state of delinquency.


Financial Tools

My Finances Matter's purpose is to assist our young adults with making better financial decisions. In our financial toolbox, we offer a wide range of checklists and tool-kits to be used to help you get your financial life in order. The first of many checklists, Tax Time Checklist, is available for free download. Click the link below to visit our financial toolbox. All of the tools available are FREE! 

See Financial Tools

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Our Business

My Finances Matter was developed for teens and young adults to enter the world equipped with financial knowledge to make better and informed decisions about money. Click below to learn more about how My Finances Matter was created...


"The number one problem in today's generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy."

~ Alan Greenspan